Monday, July 5, 2010


Here in L-town Idaho, we have a couple of city pools, and the day care that Mary goes to took them there twice a week. The one that they took them to the most was called "bert lipps" (yeah i know thats a weird name!) BUT SHE CALLED IT BURNT LIPS! haha! so whenever she told someone what she did that day,she said..." we went to burnt lips!" HA!

there has been a commercial on tv lately for a cell phone not sure which one, but the commercial is about their GPS system, its voice acitivated. And in the commercial, the mom says "outlet mall" and the dad is like "oh great" any ways... mary kept saying " mom, what is an outlift mom?" HA!

When we were in vegas, I did ALOT of shopping, and the one place that I wanted to hit before we left, was the miracle mile shops, so I kept telling my dad and rick that I wanted to go there...they day we actually went, in the cab ride there, Mary was chanting " miracle mile..miracle mile" "shopping, shopping!!" It was hilarious! Rick said "oh great...and it starts already!" HAHAHA!

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