Saturday, July 10, 2010

These are some pics from our flight, getting ready to leave, and when we first got to our hotel in Vegas! Mary spread out everything that she had in her purse on the bed...she was trying to decide what she needed to take to dinner with her! (she is sooooooooo my daughter! HA!)
This was her in the fron of the lion in the lobby of our hotel the MGM..I was going to crop it..but I like the background!

In the airport..on the giant lizard!

on the plane eating lunch...

in the airport in lewiston waiting for our flight!

The excited boys!

Rick and I at home, the morning of our trip...

Me and Mary girl...when I came upstairs after getting ready to leave, she said "Mom!!! you look like a rockstar!!! You have sparkly shirts..and your hair is like a rockstar!!" She just kept looking at me! It was cute :)

My self portrait....I got a spray tan...I wish I could be golden brown every day!
These are pics from the first couple hours of the first day of our trip..I will post more later!

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