Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vegas continued!

The next morning we woke up around nine and headed to the studio cafe for breakfast..then we headed to the pool! Or should I say POOLS? they have 5 of them! We all went...and it was awesome! I think that swimming is a good thing for my dad..with his MS..I think he should do that more often, I think it would help his balance!

This pic is funny...Mary was just amazed at all of the pretty things to look at the wolfgang puck restaurant she thought that these flower walls were of course we had to take a picture!!

Also on the first night there.... wanted dessert when we got back to our room before we went to bed, and the boys were still playing we ordered room service..and we ate our sundaes in BED! HA!

This was the statue of Liberty at the New York New York, and it was made completely out of jelly beans!! How cool!

The first night we were there we decided to stay at our we had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe in the MGM..that place is special for us, becasue whenever we go to Galveston to pick up Mary or visit, we always go to the Rainforest there..and we have since she was 1 yr old!

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