Thursday, July 15, 2010


Convo last night as we were in bed:

Hubs: *big exasperated sigh* Baby, you've gotta start turning off lights

Me: You've gotta stop annoying me (kidding of course)

Hubs: Well, me annoying you doesnt cost us money, you've gotta start turning the fan off (we sleep with a fan on at night) when you wake up too. *very matter of fact voice* it costs us alot of money to keep the lights on all the time, and the fan running all day.

Me: Well, you've gotta stop leaving your underwear on the floor in the bathroom when you get in the shower...

Hubs: that doesnt cost us money, either

Me: Well it annoys me...and when I'm annoyed I like to shop...and that costs us money

Hubs: Okay...I will start putting them in the dirty clothes

HA! I win! :)

( I really do need to start turning lights off...but he doesnt need to know that I know that!)

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