Monday, July 12, 2010

Okay so this is my last post of our trip to Las vegas...I still have more pics...but I will bust them out at some random times later...
On our last night there we went to see KA..and we ate at Emerils..can I just say 3 words?? DEE LISH US...seriously! It was some of the best food I've ever put in my mouth! This was Ricks Ahi tuna
And this ya'll was my dads salmon..I dont eat salmon because its nasty and fishy and gross of the texture but my dad made me try this..and it was so yummy!
Mary was a little princess at dinner...she drank her sprite out of a wine glass and she used table manners, she just loved having a big girl dinner!

both my dad and mary have their eyes kinda closed in this pic..but I still thought it was post worthy!

This was humpty dumpty in the venetian...she saw it and said very matter of factly "mom, you have to take a picture of me with that!"

On this day, we walked ALOT and I told her we were going somewhere special and that she could put on all of the makeup that she wanted....ya'll you should have seen her eyes light up!

Sephora = Heaven on earth (this is one of the largest sephoras in the USA!)

Mary after her makeup job....doesnt she look fabulous!

She was in 7th heaven and she put on about 1,234,556 layers of makeup and I let her...because shes my daughter and I can!

This was also at the venetian...this guy was all painted white..and he stood there for hours, there is NO way I could do that job!

Mary liked to lay on the window sill of our hotel room, and pretend she was "tanning"

I tried to get some of the "vegas" background

One night we went to Excaliber to Eat at "Dicks last resort" we had heard about it, and it was the most interesting dining experiance! The waiter threw our straws and napkins at us, and called my dad granpa and AARP...they made Mary a hat that said " I fart in the bath tub and bite the bubbles" yes, its nasty I know..but it was all part of the experience.

Mary girl and spongebob...look at her pageant girl pose!

M and M world!

I dont need to explain this one

Breakfast with Pappy!

Waiting SO patiently to watch the pirate show at treasure island...

The pirate show was a hotties guys against hoochies girls battle and the guys burned the girls' closets! Now thats just a plain ol' sin!

Here is a pic of the hotties pirate guys..

And the sluts sirens of the sea

Me and my daddy!

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