Monday, July 5, 2010

fireworks and goodbyes

We had a fabulous fourth of July! We slept in (yes I know we should have gone to church...but we didnt) and Mary and I just hung out all day....we watched movies, and then went for ice cream!!

My Dad came in about 6 and we finished watching the 2nd season of LOST...I cant wait till wednesday when we start the third! I am WAY addicted! We did some little fireworks when it got dark..but our neighbors must have spend thousands on their fireworks, so we enjoyed quite the nice little show! HA!

It was kind of bittersweet for me, as we usually go to my grandmas to watch the fireworks from her yard...but she is living with my aunt and uncle that was wierd, not going there. Another missing peice was that my mom always brought stuff to make homeade ice cream..and she wasnt here this year to do that either. I miss her..with all of my heart.

But...we managed to have a pretty good night! We ate burger king for dinner, and I got a really cool Eclipse cup! (yes, I am a dork...but I love the twilight movies!)

My Dad spend some QT with Mary girl, as she leaves on thursday to go back to her dads house...for 6 months! My heart aches already knowing that it will be that long before I get to see her sweet face again...but I know that she is in Gods hands and He will take good care of her! I am not looking forward to that goodbye on thursday, but I have to do say a prayer for me ok?

Happy Monday!

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