Thursday, July 22, 2010

bath poofies

I am a beauty product junkie, shower gels, bubble bath, shampoo, and of course makeup...and I LOVE my shower its huge and favorite part of showering is my huge bath poofie that I lather up with my shower gel and scrub away the day...until the other day

I was walking by the shower...there is no door, our shower is like a little marble room in itself, with a large lip to step over, so the water doesnt come out..hubs was in the shower and I saw something pink out of the corner of my eye...


This is the conversation...

Me: are you using my poofie?

Hubs: Yes...

Me: are you serious, thats sick...thats nasty get your own poofie...

Hubs: are you kidding? We sleep in the same bed and kiss, (and the other things that come with being married :) ) but I cant use your poofie?

Me: NO! its mine, thats why its pink...and if you need one i will buy you one...but you cant use mine!! I dont want your boy funk on my poofie!!

(at this point he is about to fall over laughing, and I am trying SO hard to be serious!)

Hubs: whatever...(then he scubs his armpit with my poofie)

Me: Your a punk (I say as I walk away and he is DYING laughing)

(fast forward to a few days later, last night)

Me: did you see that I bought another poofie? Its blue..

Hubs: for me?

Me: No, for me, you can have the pink one...

Hubs: Why? I should get the blue one, and you can have your pink one!

Me: NO!! You already defiled the pink one, so now its yours, and the new blue one is mine!

Hubs: Babe, I love you, but you've got issues

Me: I know...


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  1. Girl...oh my goodness, I'm falling outta my chair! Luv ya sista!


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