Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am SO ready for this week to be OVER! Its been hectic at work...and my BFF is coming to spend the weekend with me! So, I got here are some random thoughts that probably will make no sense to anyone else but me...

  • I made chicken fajitas for dinner tonight..they smell so good, but I cant eat them until my dad gets here for our wednesday night LOST dinner date!
  • I love mexican food, and I miss galveston/Houston because they have UH MAZE ING mexican food there. (mainly queso)
  • I am addicted to LOST after my dad bought all of the seasons, he decided that we should watch it together on wednesdays and fridays..and I cant get enough of that show!
  • I love spending time with my dad, and I cherish it even more now that my mom is gone, and I know how fast life can change. (ya' your mom and tell her you lover her, and let your dad know how much you love him too)
  • I want to DEEP clean my house, but I am lazy..
  • I wish I had a maid, so I could actually be lazy and not do anything!
  • I got to talk to my baby girl today..which makes me heart SO happy
  • I know that there are certain people who read this blog and "judge" me...
  • guess what...I dont care! :)
  • There are knats outside, everytime I walk outside they get stuck in my hair and then I feel like I have bugs crawling on me for like an hour.
  • I need to clean and organize my closet..for reals!
  • Teenage girls should not where bikinis that show all their reeces pieces, girls cover up those goodies!
  • I've gained 60 pounds since my mom died in October, and I NEED to go to the gym
  • looking at recent pictures of myself makes me mad that I used food for comfort, and not Jesus
  • I love Jesus
  • I love my hubby, I made a challenge for myself on sunday that I would tell him EVERY day for 30 days something that I respect about him, or something that he does that I am thankful for! (Ive done it every day since sunday :) )
  • I want to go to Vegas again and stay at Aria, those suites are SWEET! :)
  • I am terrified of snakes, and every morning, I think I will step on one when I walk to my car
  • I've never even seen a snake here at our house :)
  • If I did... I would want to move

Happy Hump Day!


  1. if you see a snake, call me and I'll be rite over with my golf club :)

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