Saturday, July 10, 2010

Goodbyes and waterfalls

Thursday Rick and I took Mary to Portland to my ex husbands mother. She only gets to be here with us for 42 days in the summer...and as hard as it is to say goodbye..I know that God has a plan...and 42 days is better than nothing. So I cherish every single minute of the time that she is here.
We stopped by Multnomah falls on the way to is soooo pretty! I snapped a few pics!

We said goodbye and there were lots of tears...but Mary was so excited to see her Nana...but she kept saying " I love you mommy...I will miss you so so much".
I know that she will be fine..but it still hurts my heart..I wont see my baby girl until October. But I have tons of good memories from this summer!

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