Monday, July 26, 2010

Trip to Boise

This last weekend, I went down to southern Idaho to visit my cousin, and to go to the Boise Music Festival. We had a blast! I stayed at her house with her and her hubs..and her crazy poochies...she has two pugs and a mutt :) they are CRAZY!!

The first night that I got there, it was like 10:30 and I was starving so we ran to applebees for some half price apps...and the craziest thing happened! They sat us in the back part of the restaurant, and there was a couple sitting behind us. My cousin was like OMG...those people are totally making out! I thought to myself, yeah right...who mugs down in a restaurant full of people?? Ya'll I kid you not, these people were MUGGING down like no other...his hands were ALL over her reeses pieces, and you could here every kiss...then he started singing to her IN SPANISH! It was sooooooooo uncomfortable! We asked the host if we could move, and she said yes, and then she was like "oh, you dont wanna sit by "the couple"? Seriously??? They knew this was going on, and didnt do anything! YUCK!

Anyways ....

These are some yummy cupcakes that we bought at the music festival...they were DEE LISH US! No joke...they were legit :) (key lime coconut, strawberry shortcake, bubblegum)

We also had frozen yogurt after lunch on Saturday, I had cake batter yogurt with strawberries, and white chocolate chips! YUM!

When I moved back to Idaho from the south, I missed this place sooooooo much! They have the BEST queso and tortilla soup I was so jacked when I found out that there was one in boise! We had lunch there on Saturday :)

On saturday morning, we went to the Boise farmers market, and there was tons of awesome booths, and there was THIS store! called PINK! how fun! I of course had to take my pic with the store front!

Me and my fabulous cousin!! Rowdy red heads! :)

My long arm shot of the weekend....

It was a great weekend...we got to see Macy Gray, and the Backstreet Boys...along with 50 thousand other people! I'm not kidding there were SO many people...and it was 5 million degrees, so everyone was sweaty and nasty...and bumping into me..I almost lost it a few times...but then I chilled out!
I went to church with my cuz on Sunday, and her church was awesome! They have a great mission statement, about training people up to go out and make disciples!
All in all, it was a great weekend! I wish that the hubs could have gone with me, but it was great to have an all girls weekend! Thanks Steph! :)


  1. Those cupcakes look delish... I love your little lace-y vest thing!!

  2. A bubble gum cupcake? I am sure I would LOVE it! On the Border....great salsa there! I am thrilled that you think I am so talented that I could recover that chair. Girl, I wish! I had it done by an upholstry guy for a great price.

  3. Yay cuz! It was so much fun. Miss your face already. You have to come again soon so we can jam out again


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